It is with great pride that I present for the first time the Thesis Impact Report.

It is a strategic document that is just as important as the economic budget, because sustainability is no longer just a choice, but a necessary and imperative way of being. The UN, which has drawn up the agenda of the "Sustainable Development Goals", knows this very well; the European Union, which has drawn up the "Clean Energy Package", and we, the entrepreneurs who have chosen to combine in the strategy of our companies, know this very well: innovation, profit, sustainability and social responsibility.

Moreover, for a service technology company like ours, committed both in Europe and in Latin America to improving the level of patient care, sustainability does not only mean the environment, but also and above all "people management"with particular attention to training, inclusion and rejection of any discrimination. Competence and meritocracy are the fundamental values that have enabled Tesi Group to establish itself as a provider of reliable and innovative solutions for the world of health.

Over the years, a particular sensitivity for people, the environment and the communities of which we are part has grown within our company; almost unknowingly, we started making choices that had a positive impact on the many people we relate to.

Then we began to wonder how we could reconcile these goals with our business that is already, in itself, devoted to improving the health and living conditions of many people. And we decided to make our commitment visible, measurable and traceable through the establishment of Benefit Company.

I am very grateful to our management who enthusiastically pushed us to take this path, challenging once again our ability to make a difference. I fervently hope to be able to involve all our collaborators, especially the youngest, so that all of us can be concretely also in our lives agents of change for a better, fairer and more sustainable world.

Through this Report we publicly account for what we have done in the first benefit year and indicate the goals and areas of improvement that we want to pursue in the coming years, with a real road map that will guide our commitment.
Marco Nicoli
Managing Director

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