The BedSideCheck system allows you to safely manage the whole process of blood transfusion: from the collection of the sample for the determination of the blood group to the actual transfusion.
The BedSideCheck system is available on Windows and Android platforms and can operate both "online" via a Wi-Fi connection and offline by synchronising data in "batch" mode as soon as it is reconnected to the LAN.
The BedSideCheck system can acquire in real time:
  • Blood group and compatibility test requests: for each request will be acquired the patient’s personal data, the Department, the bar code of the bracelet, sample identification codes on the labels themselves
  • Assigned and delivered units: for each unit assigned and/ or delivered for a certain patient will be acquired the patient’s personal data, the Department, the barcode of the bracelet, the unit code assigned/ delivered and the blood component, the date and time of exit from Centro
In turn, the BedSideCheck system will communicate the following data to the Transfusion Facilities Information System in real time:
  • Sampling data: Patient code, sample codes taken, date and time of collection and operator code,
  • Transfusion data: date and time start and end of transfusion and operator code
  • Transfusion reactions: Patient code, Event code, free text, date and time of detection and operator code.
  • Non-conformity: Non-conformity code: wrong patient, wrong sample, wrong unit, ... , patient code, sample code, unit code, blood component code, any free text, detection date and time and operator code
The high level of security, traceability and data protection by BedSideCheck is further enhanced by the Risk Class I (Non Sterile) certification, in accordance with Regulation 11 of Annex VIII of EU Regulation 2017/745.
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