TESI offers a range of products, through which it monitors the different phases of the operational process.


Tesi.WareHouse is a software for inventory management of reagents and consumables that are developed in collaboration with BOMI 2000, a leader company in logistics and medical diagnostic field.
Tesi.WareHouse permits an effective management of stocks and orders, with the possibility of obtaining statistics on consumptions and to optimize the stock.

In particular, Tesi.WareHouse:
• Already has a database containing a complete list of most diffused diagnostic and medical products, thus allowing us to avoid all initial activity of parameterization.
• Allows the movement of articles by reading the primary and secondary barcode, performing the decoding of it and determining automatically the lot number, the expiration date, etc.
• Manages multiples stocks.


MBI is a Business Intelligence tool, a dedicated module created to meet the needs of Clinical Analysis Laboratories through the production of indicators and statistics specifically designed to monitor specific diagnostic, clinical and production processes.

When analyzing data with MBI, you can easily get a general overview of them, discover their relationships and make discoveries, even when managing large and complex data sets. Information from different sources can be integrated and information can be quickly made available on the network. The associative data model technology on which MBI is based allows you to create a unique interface for interactive presentation and analysis of any type of information.

MBI uses an innovative technology and is divided into:
  • A database in which the data extracted from the databases from the information systems are transferred and stored in a structured form to allow rapid processing and navigation in real time.
  • A consultation form divided into "dashboards" and reports, customizable according to the user who present the indicators and statistical data through both graphical and tabular objects.


GESTAOWEB is an innovative WEB information system for the management of patients undergoing oral anticoagulant therapy.
GESTAOWEB has been developed in accordance with the specifications recommended by the FCSA and is equipped with an automatic algorithm for the therapy proposal.
GESTAOWEB assists the doctor in all phases of the therapy monitoring activity:
  • Planning visits and withdrawals: through the automatic management of the appointment calendar.
  • Visit: making available all the data related to the patient's clinical history and automatically proposing therapy through an algorithm that analyzes the patient's analytical and clinical data.
  • Reporting: through the single or cumulative printing of reports containing the value ofINR, the prescribed therapy and appointment for the withdrawal and / or subsequent visit.
GESTAOWEB allows patients, who can use an internet connection, to download the digitally signed report.

GESTAOWEB is the ideal system for decentralization of patient care on the territory, allowing a significant improvement in their quality of life.


TESI SIGN is a complete solution for managing digital signature of documents inside the Health Structures.
TESI SIGN includes:
– Application software for the digital signature of documents
– Software modules for integration with information system of the company
– Smart cards and USB Tokens with digital signature certificates
– Unit of reading smart card
– Integrated systems for managing the internal service Certification authority.
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