The mission of TESI HOME CARE is to exploit the knowledge and experience in telemedicine and telemonitoring and project it on the healthcare market.


NetLife is the first telemedicine system designed to control our health in a simple, economical and continuous way.
NetLife is a portal for the management and control of laboratory exams performed in a decentralized way on the territory.
The NetLife system includes:
  • A modern telemedicine infrastructure based on a sophisticated Web portal, accessible via the Internet in cloud mode.
  • Interface modules to the instruments used in the territory to perform the analytical tests (Blood glucose, BNP, Hba1c, Emogas, Oximetry, INR for TAO management, etc.) and the detection of clinical parameters (Spirometer, Blood pressure, Body weight, ECG).
  • Integration module to the LIS of the reference laboratories to allow the analytical quality control on the instrumentation used in the territory, the validation and acquisition of the results of the LIS database exams to allow the sharing with all the health workers involved in the care activities .
  • The system is also set up for integration with health portals and medical records of general practitioners and hospital specialists.

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