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MBI is a Business Intelligence tool, a dedicated module created to meet the needs of Clinical Analysis Laboratories through the production of indicators and statistics specifically designed to monitor specific diagnostic, clinical and production processes.

When analyzing data with MBI, you can easily get a general overview of them, discover their relationships and make discoveries, even when managing large and complex data sets. Information from different sources can be integrated and information can be quickly made available on the network. The associative data model technology on which MBI is based allows you to create a unique interface for interactive presentation and analysis of any type of information.

MBI uses an innovative technology and is divided into:
  • A database in which the data extracted from the databases from the information systems are transferred and stored in a structured form to allow rapid processing and navigation in real time.
  • A consultation form divided into "dashboards" and reports, customizable according to the user who present the indicators and statistical data through both graphical and tabular objects.
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