TESI was founded in 1981 with the purpose of giving their own contribute to the services improvement and the reliability of the clinical scene, by developing and proposing innovative informative systems regarding diagnostic, clinical, surgical and management fields.
The territorial setting, counting upon the offices of Milano and Pianiga (VE) and an efficient tecnical assistance, distribuited all around the national territory, along with the competence and the preparation of their own specialists, allow TESI to guarantee all their clients accurate and effective services H24.
TESI has significantly increased its presence on the European and Latin American markets thanks to the excellence and reliability of the products and services offered that allow it to operate successfully in different contexts such as:
  • Italy
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Mexico
  • Colombia
  • Brazil
TESI Elettronica e Sistemi Informativi is an Italian company that operates in the field of Information Technology for Health for over 35 years.
TESI Home Care was founded in 2013 as a division of TESI focused in the field of telemedicine and the care of chronic patients in the area.
NetLife is the first telemedicine system designed to control our health in a simple, economical and continuous way.
Prevention is better than cure: it is not an advertising slogan, but a reality now shared in all medical science environments and is also the goal of those who created NetLife.
TESI proposes the innovative NetLife system as a support for the realization of the "Laboratory at home" a new organizational model that wants to include the series of services, now dispersed, which are aimed at giving territorial answers to the problems of health and care of citizens, in particular to citizens suffering from chronic diseases or to all those citizens who are defined as "Fragile".
NetLife allows the creation of a telemedicine network related to the analysis laboratory, to support the diagnosis and treatment of the main chronic diseases.