Code of Ethics and Model 231

Tesi Elettronica e Sistemi Informativi Spa is firmly committed to respecting the highest quality standards and conducting its activities in line with its founding values ​​including ethics, integrity and transparency.

With the adoption of its Model, Tesi intends to sensitize all those who work in its name and on its behalf to a transparent and correct management of the Company's activities and to full compliance with current regulations and ethical values ​​in the conduct of business, so that all external interlocutors of the company have evidence of the fact that any illegal conduct is absolutely condemned by the Company and by all the people who work there.

For this reason, Tesi has adopted its own Organization, Management and Control Model and has appointed a Supervisory Body that verifies the adequacy of the Models and monitors their effective and effective application, as required by the Legislative Decree of 8 June 2001 No. 231.

You can contact the Supervisory Body of the Company at the following postal and email addresses:

Organismo di Vigilanza - Tesi Elettronica e Sistemi Informativi Spa
Via Privata Oslavia n. 17, 20134 Milano
Via privata Oslavia, 17 - 20134 Milano - ITALIA - P.IVA: 06083270154